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Canadian Tire Deal Will Upgrade Highway Fuel Stops

TORONTO, Ontario -- Canadian Tire's 50-year deal to supply Ontario's 23 400-series highway gas stations and its partnership with Host-Kilmer Service Centres to build and operate convenience stores on the sites are expected to lure travelers away from truck stops, according to a report by

Seven gas stations on Highway 401 are expected to be up and running this summer, according to the report. The fuel offering from Canadian Tire includes gasoline at all sites and diesel in a number of locations, said Susan Goyette, senior director of communications for U.S.-based HMS Host. Each site will have at least two diesel fuelling positions for commercial vehicles.

Canadian Tire spokesperson Rebecca Mills told the pumps will not be high-speed or cardlock systems, but the fuel will be "competitively priced." Mills said the locations are expected to generate 6 million transactions per year.

Currently, it is rare to see a big truck tanking up at these small highway stops, according to the report by They typically attract someone low on fuel or lost American drivers who don't know the location of the next truck stops.

But the lure of the Canadian Tire's signature cash coupons for gasoline sales may be incentive. While Canadians are familiar with the petroleum marketer's Scotsman mascot "Sandy McTire," executives hope American motorists will also be attracted to the promotion, the report noted.

Along with a network of 475 franchised stores, the company operates Canadian Tire Financial Services. Its Mark's Work Warehouse outlet stores also stretch across Canada, according to

Mills told the petroleum marketer is more focused on attracting consumers to the highway gas/convenience store sites, rather than commercial drivers.

Goyette told Wi-Fi connections will be available at the first seven centers by September and the sites will offer "enhanced and diverse food offerings -- including healthy options."

The line-up for the first phase includes fast feeders A&W, Burger King, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Pizza Pizza, Taco Bell and Tim Hortons.

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