Casey's Kicks Off Half-Million-Dollar Program to Support Food Banks Across 16 States

ANKENY, Iowa — Casey’s General Stores Inc. is partnering with Feeding America to help provide meals to school-aged children and their families at risk due to the global coronavirus pandemic.

This morning, the 2,200-unit convenience store retailer announced the launch of a half-million-dollar program to support food banks across Casey’s 16-state operating footprint.

The commitment includes an immediate cash donation to support COVID-19 relief at 52 food banks that reach Casey’s communities, in addition to a recent in-kind donation of nearly 40,000 pounds of food product to two Feeding America member food banks. Going forward, Casey’s also will support Feeding America through a future in-store donation campaign, volunteer efforts, and further in-kind food donations.

“Joining forces with Feeding America is a natural reflection of how we live our purpose by being here for good. At Casey’s, we are at the heart of each community we serve, and our communities face a great need for food,” said CEO Darren Rebelez. “This multifaceted partnership allows us to help quickly provide meals in our communities, while also creating a program for long-term support of youth and family hunger programs.”

Before the COVID-19 crisis, the U.S. Department of Agriculture reported that one in seven children in the United States were food insecure, which affects their ability to reach their potential and contribute fully to their communities. A new report by Feeding America now finds that the crisis has caused an increase in demand for food assistance. As a result, the number of food-insecure children could escalate to 18 million, higher than the 17.2 million in 2009 at the height of the Great Recession.

Feeding America’s COVID-19 Response Fund allows Casey’s to direct its funds to local food banks that reach its communities, supporting the infrastructure needed to swiftly get meals to children and their families.

“Feeding America food banks are working tirelessly to meet the increased needs of our neighbors who face hunger,” said Lauren Biedron, vice president of corporate partnerships at Feeding America. “However, we can’t do that alone. We are thankful to Casey’s General Stores for their support at such a critical time in this fight against hunger. This partnership will help provide more meals to people who need it most.”