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Certified Oil Expands Certified Savings Program to Drug Stores

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Certified Oil will expand its Certified Savings loyalty program to pharmacies and drug stores in and around Columbus, Ohio, and expand to other geographic areas in the future, Drug Store News reported.

Certified Oil will reward participating drug store and pharmacy customers with Certified Savings points, which can be redeemed for fuel discounts of up to $1 per gallon at participating Certified Oil locations, the report stated.

"The program provides a low cost solution to enable pharmacies and drug stores to provide rewards to build sales," said Lauren Brown, Certified Savings program administrator in the report. "Drug store partners will also enjoy additional traffic driven to their businesses from our existing cardholder base."

Currenty, the Certified Savings program is available at more than 25 of Certified's central Ohio gas and convenience store locations.
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