Cheeseburger in Paradise

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Cheeseburger in Paradise

Hot Stuff Foods introduces the latest addition to its Palm Pizza line -- the new Cheeseburger Palm Pizza.

As part of the launch, the company is including the product in its current Great American Pizza Rollback promotion, which offers convenience store retailers special marketing materials, rebates and incentives to help them offer a low price on Hot Stuff pizzas. The item, which normally retails for $3.69, has been rolled back to $2.69 during the promotion.

Hot Stuff Chairman and President Des Hague said the company is essentially combining the strengths of two of its most popular food solutions initiatives.

"The success of The Great American Pizza Rollback has been phenomenal with our retailer partners, increasing sales by as much as 200 percent. And Palm Pizza is the single greatest product launch we've had since introducing the Personal Size Pan Pizza more that a decade ago," he said. "By combining these two great initiatives, we're anticipating the successful marketing equation of 1 plus 1 equals 3."

The new Cheeseburger Palm Pizza features the authentic taste of the great American cheeseburger. Hot Stuff is challenging its franchisee partners to "close their eyes when taking their first bite of the new Cheeseburger Palm Pizza and not only compare to other restaurant pizzas with cheese and hamburger topping, but to compare it to an actual cheeseburger from their favorite burger joint," Hague said.

Hot Stuff Foods franchises and/or licenses its branded food concepts in over 1,600 locations throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia.

The company recently announced that it is funding up to a full 100 percent of the typical $4,000 start up costs for its Food On the Go branded concept. Hague said Hot Stuff will provide the equipment free on loan and then offset the franchisee's initial cost of the trade dress and signage of a new store. The offset is realized through a matching food credit to those retailers who average approximately $8,000 a month in food purchases in a one year period, starting from the day the unit is open for business.

In addition to retailers who are opening new foodservice venues, Hot Stuff has also developed a program for retailers who have entered into foodservice with their own proprietary program and/or other concepts, but are not satisfied with their current level of success. Hot Stuff will re-brand their existing units with the new Food on the Go program at no capital cost and provide the trade dress and signage free on loan.

"We want to make successful foodservice a profitable, pleasurable and pain-free venture for retailers committed to foodservice," said Hague.