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Chevron Cooler Cases Get an Energy Upgrade

CHINO, Calif. -- Numerous Southern California Chevron gas stations have begun to reduce their energy expenses through EcoGreen Solutions' Petroleum Program, which has embarked on a campaign to help convert fuel retailers in the region from high energy-consuming light sources to LED lighting. As part of this initiative, EcoGreen has begun replacing fluorescent lamps with the SimpleTube line, which runs cooler and does not produce additional heat, by American Bright Lighting.

"My station runs 24/7, so the energy cost of running the lighting throughout the store, including the reach-in coolers was significant," said Chevron franchisee Gary Analian. "My initial goal was to cut energy consumption by 30 percent, but EcoGreen felt they could surpass that with products like the SimpleTube."

On a standard two-door refrigerator case, SimpleTube could result in an 80-percent energy savings, according to the manufacturer. Additionally, installation is designed to be quick and easy.

"The cooler cases are just one of many areas of lighting that we change out at the Chevron stations," said EcoGreen's Anthony Mitchell." So the easier it is to make the change out without a long disruption to the stores' customers the better."

Mitchell added that "The store owners at the Chevron locations where we installed SimpleTube are blown away by the night-and-day difference in the lighting in their cases."

EcoGreen Solutions work closely in partnership with utilities to provide turnkey solutions to customers, according to the company. The SimpleTube LED case light is listed with the DesignLights Consortium on its "Qualified Products List," which is recognized by many utilities. This allows projects employing the SimpleTube to apply and receive maximum rebates and utility financing of the project from the utilities' energy programs, according to a released statement.

"Our petroleum program often qualifies for zero out of pocket expenditure by the station owner," Mitchell said." The significant reduction in consumption also means that station owners will be far less impacted by rate increases which are based on actual usage."

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