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Chevron Leases POS to Its Retailers

SAN RAMON, Calif. -- Thanks to a new strategic alliance between Dresser Wayne and Fujitsu, the Nucleus Point of Sale Software solution will now be available to all Chevron and Texaco-branded retailers.

Going forward, Wayne will offer the Nucleus solution for purchase through Chevron Corp. for both Chevron and Texaco retailers as the only long-term option for those retailers who prefer to lease a system from Chevron.

Already the preferred POS provider for Chevron's company-owned locations, the Wayne Nucleus system on Fujitsu hardware will now be offered to all of the company's classes of trade.

The open-architectured Nucleus system provides opportunity for enhancing the software without having to change the hardware. Standard features on the system include touchscreen, unlimited price book size and remote diagnostics.
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