Chevron to Monitor Environment

Chevron Corp. said it is using a new system to manage its energy usage more effectively and monitor greenhouse gas emissions from all of its worldwide operations.

Chevron Energy and Greenhouse Gas Inventory System (CEGIS) is an automated, electronic data management information system that is designed to gather monthly energy and greenhouse gas emissions data from Chevron's worldwide exploration and production, refining and marketing, petrochemicals, transportation and coal activities.

In addition, the system will assist the company in setting goals for energy and emissions reduction, identifying potential improvement areas, evaluating capital projects and generating corporate energy and environmental reports.

"Managing our greenhouse gas emissions in a verifiable and proactive manner further demonstrates our commitment to take practical actions on the important issue of global climate change," said Don Paul, Chevron's vice president of technology and environmental affairs. "Having the ability to calculate and measure our data consistently, on a global basis, will improve the ability of our operating units to improve efficiency and business performance."
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