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Chevron's CIO Talks Tech

BURLINGAME, Calif. -- Consolidating projects and data is the 2010 IT strategy for Chevron CIO Denise Coyne, a 28-year veteran of the oil giant and its CIO for the past two years. Coyne recently discussed with Forbes the major projects she's accomplished in her current role, as well as what is in store for the California-based company.

Here's a sampling of her responses:

Forbes: Tell us about some of the major implementations that you've made as CIO of Chevron.
Coyne: My current role requires me to look across the entire enterprise and work to prioritize all of the IT projects to ensure that a) We're managing our costs, and b) Every project we're doing is adding significant value to the bottom line.

Forbes: What technology is not available today that you think would be really helpful for what you do at Chevron?
Coyne: The one that I really want is the Star Trek one. You know, "Beam me up, Scotty." Trying to get between meetings and places really quickly would be great. I think there are other technologies -- I know I rely heavily on my personal digital assistant, my BlackBerry. I know a lot of people rely on their iPhone. But I think getting across space more quickly would be valuable for me.

Forbes: Let's talk about your budget. Do you see it growing in 2010 vs. 2009?
Coyne: Our budgets are staying flat in 2010, but we're trying to modify the budget so that we do focus on things that are going to bring the most value to Chevron. So it's not the budget that's changing; it's how we're using the money that we have.

Forbes: And what's going to be your No. 1 focus on the budget for 2010?
Coyne: We've consolidated six projects across a corporation into one environmental monitoring system that includes making sure we are able to accurately report environmental emissions to government regulation bodies. Also, managing greenhouse gas. So getting that project moving forward on schedule and on budget is very important.

Forbes: What do you see as the biggest IT trend in 2010?
Coyne: Data quality. Chevron has had a federated model; we have data all over the corporation. We have lots of data about people in one organization, another database about people in another organization. Consolidating that information to have one source of the truth, to be able to make faster, more competitive decisions more quickly, is a really important focus in 2010.

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