CHS Selects Pinnacle POS

ARLINGTON, Texas -- CHS (Cenex) selected Pinnacle Palm as a new point-of-sale platform option for its approximately 1,500 Cenex branded sites, as well as all other unbranded retail fueling locations, the vendor reported.

"CHS is excited about its new relationship with The Pinnacle Corp. and the ability to offer Pinnacle Palm to our marketers," Rick Cummings, vice president of refined fuels marketing for CHS said in a released statement. "We feel that Pinnacle’s culture and the Palm POS offering is a great fit for our Cenex retail network."

In an effort to leverage as much of the existing forecourt payment equipment, maintain loyalty benefits programs and provide a long term PCI-DSS payments footprint at an affordable price to CHS customers, Pinnacle’s Palm POS is being offered as a go-forward POS platform to replace aging POS equipment, the company reported.

Pinnacle will leverage the CHS-channel network of authorized partners to implement, train and support Palm POS across the network of Cenex branded retail sites and other unbranded retail fueling locations, while maintaining the familiar relationships that CHS customers already have for supporting their POS and forecourt equipment, the vendor reported.

"We are very excited to add CHS and their Cenex branded retail sites to the Pinnacle family," Drew Mize, vice president of product management and marketing at Pinnacle said in a released statement. "Palm POS is a great fit for the PCI Compliance challenges faced by these marketers. Palm will not only solve this problem, but does so without requiring some potentially significant additional investments in payments hardware and we will also be able to support the existing CHS payment network and loyalty benefits programs."

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