Circle K Clerk Stabs Customer Over Soda Spat

FOLSOM, Calif. -- A Circle K convenience store clerk who was arrested for stabbing a customer during an argument over soda admitted to the attack, but said she was only defending herself from an attack, according to a report by CBS 13.

Associate Samirrah Walton, 23, said an argument spiraled out of control Tuesday night at the Circle K store on Natoma St., in Folsom, Calif., after the customer discovered she could not dispense Sprite from an out-of-order fountain machine. Samirrah said she has known the female customer since she was 10 years old and often sees her in the store.

In an interview, Walton told CBS 13 the frustrated patron verbally attacked her and could not be calmed. Walton said things got completely out of hand when she asked the customer if she could please leave. "And she throws a cup of ice at me," Walton recalled. "I have my switch blade from my box cutting at work in my pocket," so she opened the blade and "hit her back and I cut her."

The Folsom Police Department responded to the scene to find the customer stabbed in the right side, suffering non life-threatening injuries.

"We can only assume neither one of them was right," said Folsom Police Officer Jason Browning in reference to the cliche ‘the customer is always right.' "One has a puncture hole in her side and the other one is sitting at the main jail."

"If anyone should be sitting here, it's the both of us," Walton said.

Folsom Police charged Walton with assault with a deadly weapon. She was taken to the Sacramento County Jail where she's being held on $25,000 bail.

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