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CITGO Retailer First in U.S. to Receive Green Business League Award

HOUSTON -- CITGO retailer Dave Welch of Deerfield, Ill., earned the Green Business League's first green certification in the U.S. for a gas station, for the energy-efficient and environmentally friendly upgrades he's made to operate more cheaply and cleanly.

Inspired by Welch's lead, CITGO announced it has developed a list of changes that its nearly 7,000 locally owned stations can make to help their own operations be more energy efficient, economical, and environmentally friendly -- important attributes considered by many consumers today in their purchasing decisions.

For example, to lower energy costs, the company is recommending the installation of timers for heating, air-conditioning, and refrigerators to limit unnecessary electricity use. Updating lighting to energy-efficient bulbs and introducing motion sensors on soap and towel dispensers can also reduce waste. Even the introduction of native plants in a station's landscaping can cut water costs and help the environment.

These types of changes not only lower the impact on the environment, but can save local retailers thousands of dollars per year on energy and water bills. Welch's station expects to see energy savings of approximately 20 percent annually, CITGO noted.

Simple, conscientious changes to the types of products used at stations, including paints and cleaning supplies, also can make a difference on the local ecosystem, according to the company. For example, water-based paints, like those used by CITGO, are much less harmful than other oil-based paints. CITGO said it is so committed to this effort that the company's environmental standards for paint far surpass those of the government.

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