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Clark Brands Rolls Out Fuelman Fleet Card Program

NAPERVILLE, Ill. -- Clark Brands and Fuelman have teamed up to allow Fuelman customers to make purchases at the pump at participating Clark-branded locations.

The program will be rolled out this month to Clark's branded and credit card" retail customers throughout its 28-state market as a tool to them enhance their business, build loyalty and attract and retain new fleet customers.

Transactions on the Fuelman Card will travel through the Clark credit card network. However, a retailer's acceptance of the Fuelman card is optional. Fuelman is offering marketing signage for participation Clark stores, as well as training materials and quick reference guides. Participating locations will be listed on Fuelman's Web site as an accepting location.

"We're excited to accept the Fuelman Fleet Card as a way to add value for our licensees and their stores and to help them increase their revenues and store traffic," Karl Goodhouse, Clark's president said. "Fuelman's local sales team is dedicated to signing up fleet owners -- the more companies carrying Fuelman cards, the more traffic at Clark locations."

Clark Brands licenses the Clark gasoline brand and the Four Corners coffee brand to independent petroleum marketers and retailers, and processes credit card and other payment transactions for independents in 28 states and the District of Columbia.

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