Coca-Cola Rolls Out Apple Fanta at Fountain

ATLANTA -- Coca-Cola North America's Fanta Apple flavor is now available for the first time in the U.S. as a fountain beverage option, QSR Magazine reported. Prior to now, the beverage was available only in cans and bottles.

Popular in Mexico, Fanta Apple was tested in April in the fountains of quick-serve restaurant (QSR) El Taco Tote, based in El Paso, Texas. The flavor now accounts for 10 percent of all fountain sales at participating restaurants, the report stated.

"Apple soda was very much a part of our roots in Mexico; we grew up with it," Karla Heras, director of operations for El Taco Tote, said in the report. "We felt the need to pass that tradition on. Our customers tell me they love Fanta Apple. They love the refreshing taste, and they love that it reminds them of Mexico."

Fanta Apple is in test in several other Coca-Cola Foodservice accounts, including EZ Mart.

"Fanta Apple's fresh taste has wide appeal," Coca-Cola North America sales executive Lisa Wyndham, said in the report. "It appeals to those nostalgic for Mexico and those who are simply a fan of its sweet, yet tart, taste. I've sent samples to customers outside the Central Region, people with no ties to Mexico and Latin America. Guess what? They love the taste, too."

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