Colorado Shamrock Stations Running Out of Luck

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Colorado Shamrock Stations Running Out of Luck

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. -- It has been a tough year so far for gas stations here, and it isn't looking better, as local reports state Diamond Shamrock stores are still suffering gas shortages after a refinery fire in February.

A number of Shamrock stores ran out of fuel for as many as six days, according to a report on local television station KXTU.

The shortage began in February, when a Valero refinery near Dumas, Texas, experienced a fire and closed. Company officials told the station that the refinery is still under construction and it could be another few weeks before it is running. The company also could not estimate when more fuel will be distributed to the Colorado Springs area.

In late March, signs at stations read "Sorry, Out of Fuel," according to a report in the Colorado Springs Gazette. Out of the 30 Diamond Shamrock stations in the area, seven were out of fuel, three had all pumps available and the remainder were out of some fuel grades, the newspaper stated at the time.

In April, CSNews Online reported that Valero was hoping that the spot gas shortages would end with a boost in production from the reopened Texas refinery.

Weather at the turn of the year started the shortage situation, when drivers frantically filled their tanks before an impending winter storm, which caused some retailers to increase fuel deliveries, and others to see shortages of fuel, CSNews Online reported in January.

Gas retailers ran out of fuel as they tried to accommodate customers, because stations had already been left out in the cold from a previous storm, which disrupted fuel deliveries for almost three days and reduced supply.