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Combos Convenience Stores Go Biometric

PROVO, Utah -- Using technology from biometric payments company BioPay LLC, Utah residents can now pay for c-store items with the touch of their finger at Combos convenience stores in Provo and Spanish Fork.

The biometric pay service is the first of its kind in Utah. Combos chose to implement the service to give their check-writing and card-carrying customers greater convenience, as well as reduce payment-processing costs, the company said.

“Many people are intrigued by BioPay and have begun using it in place of their debit cards,” said David Wiscombe, manager for Combos convenience stores. “BioPay transactions cost us 75 percent less than processing debit card transactions.”

The system works by using a person's unique finger image and a chosen PIN number to authorize a debit from their checking account. Customers can set up their account at a store terminal in less than two minutes.

Since the start of the program in February 2005, Combos has processed more than 1,000 biometric payments, with customer enrollments increasing by 30 percent in the last month.

“BioPay has been so successful that we no longer take traditional paper checks,” reports Wiscombe. “If people want to pay by check, we require them to enroll in BioPay. We've had no complaints and customers seem to really like the system.”

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