Competitors Wawa & Sheetz Join Forces for Good Cause

PHILADELPHIA — Wawa Inc. and Sheetz Inc. are partnering to provide boxed lunches at the USS John P. Murtha Commissioning Ceremony, which will honor the late Pennsylvania congressman, the people of his district, the ship and its crew. The event will take place on Oct. 8 at the Navy League in Philadelphia.

The two Pennsylvania-based convenience store chains will offer lunches that include popular items from each retailer's menu to all guests.

"We at Sheetz are truly honored to come together with Wawa in support of the USS John P. Murtha Ceremony. The entire Sheetz family is humbled by this extraordinary opportunity to honor the late, great congressman from one of our hometown heritage markets," said Sheetz President and CEO Joe Sheetz. "Congressman Murtha's service contributed greatly to the Johnstown community, his larger district and the entire country, and his commitment and dedication will not be forgotten."

The commissioning ceremony is expected to bring together 7,000 guests, including Congressman Murtha's family representatives, 500 members of the ship's family, local officials and leadership from Wawa and Sheetz.

"All of us at Wawa are proud to team up with Sheetz to represent our state and celebrate this important, historic event," said Chris Gheysens, president and CEO of Wawa. "As two companies committed to bringing our customers and communities together, we feel privileged to be a part of this ceremony and to have the chance to honor Pennsylvania's longest-serving congressman and decorated combat veteran who has done so much for citizens and veterans across the Commonwealth and beyond. Honoring those who serve in our nation's defense is especially important to us, and we are delighted to serve the ship's crew and guests at this event."

The naval commissioning ceremony is the final event that brings a ship to life and marks the entrance of a man-of-war into the naval forces of her nation.

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