ConocoPhillips Increases Maximum Limit on Credit Cards

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ConocoPhillips Increases Maximum Limit on Credit Cards

HOUSTON -- In a move that is in direct response to record-high gas prices, ConocoPhillips increased the maximum dollar value limit allowed on all credit cards accepted at its stations.

Nearly 80 percent of sales are derived from outside sales, company spokesman Kelvin Covington noted in a statement. By lifting limits, customers can now fill their gas tanks in one transaction. While the amounts differ, all participating credit cards increased threshold limits beginning July 18.

For example, MasterCard's limit changed from $100 to $125. The same increases were realized for Discover and ConocoPhillips' MasterCard. Other cards, such as ConocoPhillips' Fleet Card, went from $150 to $400. Visa raised its limit from $75 to $125, while American Express raised its limit from $99 to $125.

According to Covington, a second credit card swipe can still occur outside at the pump for another transaction (up to the limit), and that there is no limit on purchases made inside the store whenever a signature is obtained.