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ConocoPhillips Offers "TankBank" Rewards

Participating ConocoPhillips stores will be allowing customers to accumulate TankBank rewards to be redeemed for cents-off fuel thanks to the teamwork between Gilbarco-Veeder Root, AutoGas and ConocoPhillips.

Gilbarco Veeder-Root completed software development for their Passport POS system, supporting AutoGas Digital Rewards for the ConocoPhillips TankBank program.

"Our inside sales have clearly increased with TankBank," said Doug Wadley, owner of Midway Grocery in Henrietta, Oklahoma, a ConocoPhillips-branded retailer. "We have also maintained our outside sales in spit of new competition we have just down the road."

The TankBank program works across ConocoPhillips retailer locations participating in the program to provide consumers with flexibility to earn and redeem rewards at a variety of locations.

Reward accrual and redemption are managed through the AutoGas Digital Rewards program. Each participating retailer location has an on-site computer that records new rewards and consumes redeemed rewards at the centralized database.

"We believe the teamwork between Gilbarco, ConocoPhillips and AutoGas has produced an integrated POS and loyalty program that will be a true asset to retailers," said Kirsten Paust, manager of POS marketing at Gilbarco Veeder-Root. "It will build repeat business and improve profitability for the retailer."
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