Convenience Evolution Partners Offer Core Consulting Services

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Convenience Evolution Partners, a retail consulting firm recently launched by Greg Ehrlich, a c-store loyalty, operations and marketing expert, created two new service offerings to provide consulting services to convenience store retailers and suppliers.

"Sometimes a company knows it just needs help strengthening its brand, developing a new store prototype, improving an employee incentive program or creating an effective loyalty program," Ehrlich said. "Convenience Evolution Partners has created this new service structure to cater to these more episodic needs.

The first service group, CEP Strategic Advisor SM, essentially augments a c-store chain's senior management team with Ehrlich's 20 plus years of industry and management consulting knowledge and expertise. It provides fresh perspectives on client's current operations and industry trends in order to enhance both short and long-term financial performance. Three distinct offers of this practice include a high level advisory service, a comprehensive corporate review and continuous improvement program, and leadership retreats and strategy development sessions.

The second service group, CEP Project Catalyst SM, is structured to meet more targeted needs, providing a similar level of executive experience on projects in the areas of operations, human resources, marketing, communications, social media and technology.

"The changes taking place in the c-store industry offer a great opportunity for forward thinking retailers," Ehrlich said. "With the major oil companies exiting retail and the growing importance of foodservice, we can expect to see more innovative, customer-focused chains gain market share by establishing themselves as quality, regional brands."

Ehrlich announced the creation of Convenience Evolution Partners in September 2010 as he transitioned from COO of Certified Oil to a consulting role with the Columbus, Ohio-based company, which is how he started working with the 80 store retailer in 2006.

"I am excited to combine all of my c-store, petroleum and consulting experience with the passion and commitment of convenience store professionals to develop more competitive and profitable business models to serve a new generation of consumer needs and preferences," said Ehrlich.

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