Convenience Store Movie Shoot Alarms Authorities

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Convenience Store Movie Shoot Alarms Authorities

NORTH ANDOVER, Mass -- Art does imitate life, a film crew discovered while shooting a movie at a convenience store here on Sunday.

While filming an armed robbery scene for the upcoming film "27 Down," director John Depew, actors and crew received a startling surprise when area police officers entered the store intent on stopping a robbery that was reported at the location, reported area television station NewsCenter 5.

"They came in and they said, 'Drop the gun' and I couldn’t see the officer because he was behind (me)," Depew told NewsCenter 5. "I said, 'It’s a movie, it’s a movie – we’re filming a movie!'"

Despite his pleas, the officers placed two of the actors in handcuffs at which point the crew began explaining the situation to the officers.

Store owner Tracy Adley, who was outside when police officers arrived, told NewsCenter 5 the store was still open at the time and customers had been notified of the movie shoot. Adley believes one of the customers likely called police and reported the robbery as a hoax.

Filming resumed on Sunday after the confusion was cleared up. No charges were filed against the storeowner or filmmaker. The film is scheduled to be released in January.