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Coors Ties With Miller in Top Customer Loyalty Lists

Coors and Miller tied for first place in two categories – light beer and regular beer – in a customer loyalty survey conducted by New York-based Brand Keys Inc. that polls more than 20,000 consumers twice a year. The results of the survey are published annually by Brandweek.

The Customer Loyalty Index singles out brands across a spectrum of industries that represent the consumer "ideal" within a given category.

The index provides leading-indicator assessments that probe consumers’ relationships with 222 brands in 35 categories, and identifies the drivers that bond customers with the "ideal" brand in each category.

The brand whose set of category drivers comes closest to meeting or exceeding those of the ideal is the one whose customers will demonstrate the highest levels of loyalty and profitability over the coming months.

"We're thrilled to win this award because it means the people who drink our beer enjoy it immensely and will come back to it again and again," said Rob Borland, director of marketing for Coors Brewing Co. "It tells us that we are doing something right and that we can depend on Coors and Coors Light drinkers as much as they can depend on us to deliver a quality product."

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