Council Founded to Advance Use of Biofuels

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Council Founded to Advance Use of Biofuels

MIAMI -- A new national association called The American Biofuels Council (ABC) was formed to advance the uses of alternative fuels by promoting research, development and education on the use of biofuels. The group’s effort focuses on making information available to consumers, enterprises and local governments.

"As a nation, we need to reduce our dependence on foreign oil by producing oil domestically," said Sean O'Hanlon, founder and executive director of ABC, which is online at "Producing our own fuel creates jobs. Since biofuels are produced from various sources of biomass, the supply is almost limitless."

Jim Lane, ABC chairman and CEO of Eos Biofuel, based here, said: "We want to remove every barrier that stands between the average consumer, local enterprises and government in adopting biofuels."

Unlike nonrenewable natural resources such as petroleum, coal and nuclear fuels, biofuel derived from biomass is a renewable energy source. Biobutanol -- which could replace gasoline -- is similar to ethanol. Biodiesel is the most common biofuel in Europe.

"ABC is the first organization dedicated to moving information from local and state levels up to the national level," O'Hanlon said.

O'Hanlon and Lane said there are ABC members in every state. A Board of Governors made up of academic, ethanol biodiesel and energy experts and policy makers has been created to advise on policy and coordinate information.