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Counterfeiter Gets Prison Time For Illegally Buying, Selling Gas

MIAMI -- A man was sentenced to five months in prison for using 270 counterfeit Postal Service credit cards to buy $230,000 worth of gasoline at 203 different stations, reported Seattle-based KIRO TV.

According to prosecutors, federal agents watched one day as Humberto Ulloa, 27, drove his 1992 Chevy pickup to several Miami area stations and made seven consecutive purchases of gas, totaling more than 162 gallons.

His truck's standard fuel tank carried only 31 gallons. The rest was pumped into illegal tanks built into the truck, agents said.

Ulloa was arrested by the Hialeah Police Department on Sept. 9. He pleaded guilty in January to transporting hazardous fuel and possessing and using counterfeit credit cards.

A federal judge also ordered Ulloa to spend five months in home confinement with electronic monitoring, to serve three years of supervised release, and to pay $2,419 in restitution to the U.S. Postal Service and a $500 special assessment.
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