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Creating a Consistent, Engaging Shopping Experience Across Physical & Digital

What is your store’s phygital strategy? If you don’t have one, you’re missing the opportunity to connect with customers in the way they want to communicate today.

“Phygital is an omnichannel sales strategy that helps retailers create a completely connected physical and digital storefront,” explained Matt Newberg, founder of HNGRY, a platform that explores how technology is reshaping our food system. “We live in a phygital world and have come to expect a seamless experience across these realms.” 

A phygital strategy makes the customer part of the experience, lets customers choose how to fulfill their order, and allows them to engage with a store’s products online and offline.  

Phygital has become an imperative strategy to embrace, according to Bonnie Woods, senior strategist at Paytronix, a provider of SaaS customer experience management (CXM) solutions for convenience stores and restaurants.

“Many retailers have adopted more seamless brand experiences over the past few years, driven by guest expectations, and large brands in other verticals have been incorporating technology for years,” Woods observed. “Names like McDonald’s and Starbucks come to mind, as do all the airlines. Guests now expect the same convenience and consistency from the convenience store industry.”