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Cretor's T-2000 Small Popper

C. Cretors and Co. popped up with a new 8-ounce popcorn popper called the T-2000 for midsize venues. Each machine features a corrosion-resistant stainless steel or nickel-plated, all-steel kettle. These plug-in, clean-in-place kettles are designed for easy cleaning and quick kettle change-out, and have a variety of custom options—such as a "One-Pop" button that with a single push, heats the kettle, pops the corn and shuts off after one popping cycle, the company stated. Another option includes a salt/sweet switch, which allows the user to change between "salted" and "sweet" corn production. Matching wagon bases are available as well as custom painting. The popper can make up to 160 1-ounce servings per hour, and is available with custom, antique or modern designs.

C. Cretors and Co., Chicago
(773) 588-1690;
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