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CSNews Parent Commits to 'Content First' Approach

CHICAGO — On the heels of bringing the organization under one umbrella as EnsembleIQ, the parent company of Convenience Store News is moving forward with an alignment of its editorial visions.

Company executives, publishers and senior editors gathered in Chicago on Aug. 23 to formalize the EnsemebleIQ's "content first" business strategy. At the meeting, they worked to clarify the processes for ensuring the continued production of top-tier editorial content for its audiences.

EnsembleIQ, the result of the recent Stagnito Business Information, Edgell Communications and Path to Purchase Institute merger, saw the need to align the editorial visions of what were, until recently, three independent companies.

While top-tier content has always been a primary focus for all three, EnsembleIQ was able to compile and consolidate the best practices of each to arrive at a go-to-market strategy that is unique in the business-to-business (b-to-b) information and media sector of the retail industry. 

According to the Chicago-based company, the b-to-b information and media landscape features numerous companies that claim a "digital first" or even an "events first" strategy. EnsembleIQ's approach is more platform agnostic — print, digital and event resources are used based on whichever best serves the nature of the content and the needs of the audience.

"Simply put, we exist to help people and their businesses find success, and the best way for us to do that is by producing unparalleled editorial products," said Peter Hoyt, president and CEO of EnsembleIQ.

"Other companies identify with some particular delivery system or another, but EnsembleIQ is unique in focusing on content as the element of primary importance, regardless of medium or delivery system. Add the fact that our print, digital and event platforms are all best-in-class, and you get an irresistible combination," Hoyt explained.

A more complete listing of brands may be found on the company's new website,

EnsembleIQ is a premier business intelligence resource that exists to help people and their organizations succeed. It is structured to serve the business-to-business needs of retailers, consumer goods manufacturers, technology vendors, marketing agencies and retail service providers by using its integrated network of media and information resources designed to inform, connect and provide actionable marketplace intelligence.

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