Cumberland Farms Debuts New Product in Time for National Ice Cream Day

FRAMINGHAM, Mass. — In honor of National Ice Cream Day on Sunday, July 17, Cumberland Farms introduces its newest frozen treat, Cumberland Farmhouse Premium Ice Cream Sandwiches. 

Available now at all Cumberland Farms locations, the ice cream sandwiches are available for $2.49 and come in four flavors, including Blissful Chocolate Brownie and Rapturous Black Raspberry Chocolate. The new frozen treat joins the convenience retailer’s Ultimate Scoop and Farmhouse Creamery ice cream offerings.

"My grandparents started this business as a dairy farm, so it's only fitting that our ice cream has been a longtime customer favorite, and we're always striving to add more delicious flavors and varieties at a great value," said Ari Haseotes, CEO of Cumberland Farms. "If you haven't tried our ice cream yet — or want to treat yourself to one of our new Farmhouse Premium Ice Cream Sandwiches — National Ice Cream Day on Sunday is the perfect day to stop by your local Cumberland Farms."

Now through Sept. 6, customers can receive a free ice cream sandwich of their choosing with the purchase of a 20-ounce Pepsi or Mountain Dew. 

On the heels of National Ice Cream Day, Cumberland Farms conducted a consumer survey surrounding personal preferences when it comes to a favorite summertime treat: ice cream. 

The survey found that: 

  • Ice cream lovers don’t let the cold temperatures of winter stop them from enjoying the frozen treat, with 90 percent of consumers saying they indulge in ice cream all year long, no matter the season. 
  • In summertime, 46 percent said they eat the sweet treat two or three times a week, and 11 percent said they eat it every day. 
  • When it comes to the time of day, 79 percent said between 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. is prime time for eating ice cream. 
  • Peanut butter cup topped the list of favorite flavors by 18 percent of consumers, followed by cookie dough and strawberry. 
  • Chocolate syrup is the preferred favorite topping by 27 percent of consumers, followed by whipped cream (20 percent). 
  • When it comes to preferred eating method, nearly 60 percent of consumers said they eat ice cream out of a dish or cone vs. eating straight from the carton. 

Framingham-based Cumberland Farms operates a network of 600-plus convenience stores across eight states. 

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