Cumberland Farms Free Coffee Fridays Give Away Million Cups

FRAMINGHAM, Mass. -- Cumberland Farms has given away more than 1 million free cups of coffee in 11 states as part of its Free Coffee Fridays promotion.

To be more exact, the convenience store chain announced it gave away 1,099,913 cups of free coffee this year during the promotional period.

Launched several years ago, the marketing campaign began as a way to introduce Cumberland Farms' Farmhouse Blend Coffee to customers, and has run since.

"We are so proud of our Farmhouse Blend Coffee, and we know customers will keep coming back once they've tasted it," Cumberland Farms President Ari Haseotes told The Herald. "Not only is our coffee the highest quality, but customers also really love the self-serve experience, including the ability to add creamers, sweeteners and flavorings. Making it themselves ensures that customers get their coffee they way they like it, every time."

During all times other than the Free Coffee Fridays promotional period, Framingham, Mass.-based Cumberland Farms sells its Farmhouse Blend Coffee, made from 100-percent Arabica beans, for 99 cents a cup.

Cumberland Farms was founded in 1939 and is still family owned and operated.

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