Cumberland Farms Lets Customers 'Take-A-Shot' at Celtics Games

FRAMINGHAM, Mass. --Cumberland Farms is inviting customers to “Take-A-Shot” in an effort to earn $25,000 during 2013 Boston Celtics home games at TD Garden. From January through April, a randomly selected contestant at each NBA game will compete for prizes during a 30-second shooting challenge.

The contest will take place at the following home games:


  • Wednesday, Jan. 9 vs. Phoenix
  • Monday, Jan. 14 vs. Charlotte
  • Thursday, Jan. 24 vs. New York
  • Friday, Feb. 1 vs. Orlando
  • Sunday, Feb. 10 vs. Denver
  • Friday, March 8 vs. Atlanta
  • Saturday, March 16 vs. Charlotte
  • Tuesday, March 26 vs. New York
  • Wednesday, April 3 vs. Detroit
  • Wednesday, April 10 vs. Brooklyn

One week before each game, one contestant will be chosen randomly in a drawing. Each qualifying winner will receive four tickets to the upcoming game, as well as a Celtics hat and T-shirt. Contestants must utilize at least one of the tickets to attend the game for their chance to participate in the on-court contest.

Each qualified winner will be stationed on the court just inside the three-point arc. He or she will get 30 seconds to throw basketballs into one of four barrels located at increasing distances inside the court's two three-point arcs. The prizes will be determined by the highest-value barrel and the contestants must make their shots in order to compete for a higher prize. For example, if the contestant only makes a basket in the first barrel, at the closest distance, he or she will win $100. A basket in the first and second barrel, together, is worth $250. If the contestant makes the first, second, and third barrels, he or she will win $500. The fourth barrel is the farthest away. Contestants must make this barrel, and the three preceding barrels, to win the grand prize amount of $25,000.

Contestants will only win the highest value they achieve, not the sum of all the values achieved. For the complete rules and regulations, click here.


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