Cumberland Gulf Group of Companies Enhances Fuel Replenishment Capabilities

HOUSTON -- The Cumberland Gulf Group of Companies , will utilize FuelQuest's ForeSite decision support software for automated fuel management to provide real-time, map-based inventory views of more than 950 sites across 11 states.

"ForeSite is an excellent addition to our overall fuel management strategy," said Greg Scott, senior vice president of terminal operations and petroleum distribution. "We can quickly determine the health of our fuel network; identify problem areas and trends; and drill-down into detailed site, tank, and fuel inventory information."

Cumberland Gulf is already using FuelQuest's Fuel Management System (FMS) and will leverage ForeSite capabilities to improve further fuel purchase decision-making, reduce run-outs and retains, and enhance inventory visibility, the company reported. ForeSite includes:

Inventory Monitoring - Real-time inventory status and forecasting with automated data capture
Exception Indicators - Early warning indicators of non-compliant inventory conditions
Geographical Mapping - Map-based view of fuel inventories and suppliers
OnboardNow - Rapid deployment with little to no IT investment.

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