Curtis Oil Owner Sells Stores, Announces Retirement

DULUTH, Minn. — Curtis Oil — one of Duluth’s oldest gas station groups — has sold eight of the nine franchise SuperAmerica gas stations in the Northland area to SuperAmerica Corporate. 

According to Fox 21, longtime Curtis Oil co-owner Jack Curtis is planning to retire, which is the reason for selling the SuperAmerica gas stations. Curtis Oil has owned the SuperAmericas for more than 45 years.  

Only one SuperAmerica gas station will be closing on the 4900 block of Miller Truck Highway. The SuperAmerica there sits on a uniquely large lot at Curtis Oil headquarters. The future of the property has not been disclosed, but could eventually become a new SuperAmerica location in the future, Fox 21 reported.

Under the new ownership, SuperAmerica Corporate will be keeping on the nearly 90 Northland employees.

The Curtis Oil and Propane business will continue with plans for expanding in the future. The company released the following statement:

"After 46-plus years of operating we are eternally thankful for the many years of patronage the Duluth area residents have shown our stores. While the stores will remain in the SuperAmerica family, Curtis Oil will no longer own or operate the stores in the Duluth area. The store employees and faces you’ve come to know will continue to be part of the SuperAmerica family of stores as they join 190-plus locations already operated by SuperAmerica," the statement read.

"Thank you so much, it’s been a privilege to do business with you! As we have done for 57-plus years, Curtis Oil and Propane will continue to offer fuel oil and propane service to heat your home," the statement concluded.

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