Dallas Looks to Fight Crime with Retailers

DALLAS -- In an effort to curb rising crimes rates in the Dallas metro area, a special task force was formed earlier this year to investigate causes and solutions, and will release its findings to the city council’s Public Safety Committee, reported CBS News 11.

For local store operators, the finding could amount to a renewed investment in respective security platforms. For example, one of the recommendations will be the establishment of minimum standards for store surveillance camera systems, CBS News 11 reported. This would require convenience stores to have at least two high-resolution, color cameras with video storage and recording systems.

In addition, convenience stores would be required to have drop safes accompanied by posted notices and alarm systems, either silent panic or hold-up alarms. The task force also will recommend height markers and requiring sales transaction areas to have a clear line of sight through doors and windows, the report stated.

To date, there has been little opposition to the purported suggestions awaiting approval. Between 2004 and 2007, police officers responded to more than 6,300 calls of crime at convenience stores, according to the Dallas Police Department. Of those, more than 900 were for violent crimes including theft, sexual assault, robbery and murder. So far this year, more than 3,200 crimes have been reported at convenience stores there.