Dash In Adds Iced Coffee Program

LAPLATA, Md. -- Dash In, a subsidiary of The Wills Group, added Javo Beverage Co. Inc.'s iced tea program to is corporate-owned convenience store locations in Maryland, Delaware and Virginia.

The ice tea program is the latest addition to Dash In's offer, which includes breakfast and deli lunch sandwiches, pizza, fried chicken, fresh bakery, fresh fruits and salads and grocery products. Dash In offers gasoline at all locations and is known for their "Size Doesn't Matter" 99-cent price for all sizes of cold dispensed beverages.

"Customer feedback regarding our addition of Javo's iced coffee to our menu has been extremely positive," said Larry Bullis, spokesman for Dash In. "We are very pleased to provide our customers with high quality and great tasting coffee in a manner that is not labor intensive for our employees. We are also enthusiastic about exploring other Javo dispensed beverage products, like fresh brewed iced tea."

The Wills Group also owns and operates more than 300 retail gas stations. In addition to the Dash In locations, other select stores connected to Wills Group gas stations have also begun carrying Javo Beverage iced coffee.

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