Desert Fuels to Convert Six Stores to VP Fuel Brand

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Desert Fuels will convert six of its locations to the VP Racing Fuels brand.

Albuquerque-based Desert Fuels is a distributor that services more than 60 sites in six states. The company owns and operates 11 of these sites, of which it will convert six to the VP Racing brand.

“In evaluating brands that could help us achieve our objectives, it was clear they can all capture traditional commuters and soccer moms, but only VP reaches the race fans and performance enthusiasts that we’ve never successfully reached before," said Jay Kennedy, vice president of asset management for Desert Fuels. "Albuquerque in particular has a strong racing community with the influence of the Unser family, the Unser Museum and lots of racing at local tracks.”

Teaming with VP Racing Fuels can also bring several additional profit centers to the table, Kennedy added. "We look forward to trialing the Fuel Cube program to gauge the demand for five-gallon pails and determine the proper mix of off-road fuel blends for different demographics," he said. "The racing segment was new to most of us here and we’re still learning things like what’s a ‘Funny Car,' for example. But based on reports from other VP partners, we’re confident it will be a critical factor in our success.”

Alan Cerwick, president of San Antonio-based VP Racing Fuels Inc., noted Desert Fuels is a well-respected company and he's happy to partner with the distributor in its retail branding program.

“Their understanding of the industry, their enthusiasm for the program and willingness to think outside the box with us is very much appreciated," he said. "We’re looking forward to working together to reshape the branded retail landscape in the Southwest."

Under its retail branding program, gas stations and convenience stores across the United States are being branded as VP Racing Fuels, with each providing distribution for VP’s other product lines including ethanol-free VP Small Engine Fuels, VP Madditive performance chemicals and VP PowerWash.

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