Digital Transformation: How retailers are taking in-store experiences to the next level

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By CSN & EnsembleIQ Research Solutions - 11/07/2018

Step into an Amazon Go store in Seattle, and you’re entering the streamlined shopping experience of the future. Synced to the Amazon Go app, the store stocks grocery essentials, ready-to-eat meals and meal kits, and its connected shelves track the customer’s selected products in a virtual cart. When the customer is done shopping, she simply walks out of the store, triggering automatic payment through her Amazon account.

The digital transformation of retail isn’t a marketing stunt or test case—it’s quickly becoming the new normal. To stay competitive, retailers are radically rethinking how they use technology to pursue new business models and shape optimized, just-for-you shopping environments that delight consumers and differentiate their stores.

Beyond the shiny tech and cool gadgets, digital transformation is a philosophy of change in order to solve problems and fundamentally improve lives. It’s a universal concept, but one that hasn’t been fully defined in the universe of retail. How do we truly measure success, both in terms of meeting customers’ expectations and the goals of a profit-driven organization? And if the store of tomorrow is already here and open for business, what’s coming next—and will we be ready?

Aperion and EnsembleIQ have partnered to provide the industry with a common lexicon, best practices, and case studies shaping the digital retail experience. In this paper, we explore some of the most innovative applications in digital transformation from leading brands and solutions providers across the customer journey.