Dream Products LLC Forms Alliance With Polar Beverages

MIAMI – Dream Products LLC, makers of Dream Water, announced a distribution alliance in New England with Polar Beverages. Dream Products is the maker of Dream Water, the first water of its kind that helps one relax and fall asleep, according to the company. Polar Beverages is the largest privately owned soft-drink bottler in the United States.
“We are proud to be working with one of the best distributors in the country to facilitate our growth in the New England market,” Joseph Lekach, executive vice president, sales of Dream Products LLC said in a released statement. “The acceptance of Dream Water into Polar’s portfolio not only highlights their confidence in Dream Water, and its ability to help people relax and fall asleep, but it underscores the significance of this growing category.”
Gerry Martin, vice president of marketing and immediate consumption sales at Polar Beverage added: “We are thrilled to add Dream Water to our ongoing list of quality and innovative products. Dream Water has established itself as a leader in the relaxation category and provides our vast customer account base with availability to a well marketed, leading edge beverage.”
Dream Water had already solidified its initial direct-served distribution (DSD) footprint in South Florida and the San Francisco Bay Area through Sunshine Distributors and Geyser Beverages, respectively, according to the company. Now the new Polar Beverages alliance included, Dream Water can focus on territory-specific penetration, as it continues to build its base around the country. According to the company, it has plans to roll out its product to more than 70 million sleep-challenged people in America.
A year since its launch, Dream Water has grown from zero to more than 10,000 points of sale, nationwide.
According to the company, Dream Water's proprietary formula includes a blend of natural ingredients: GABA (to help relax), Melatonin (to help induce sleep) and 5-HTP Tryptophan (to help improve the quality of sleep). Dream Water is available in 2.5-ounce shots containing zero calories and no preservatives.

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