Duchess Shoppes Enters CNG Arena

OBETZ, Ohio – ISG CNG Services will team up with Englefield Oil Co. to build a compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling station at the Duchess Shoppe convenience store located at 3909 Alum Creek Drive here. This marks the first Duchess station to offer CNG at the pump.

"We’ll have two dispensers with two high flow and two 'fleet' style hoses. These dispensers will allow users to plug their CNG vehicle into the dispenser and refuel in the same amount of time it would take to refuel traditional gasoline or diesel vehicles," said Dave Mrowzinski, program manager with IGS CNG Services.

The Obetz CNG fueling station – branded BP – is intended to serve a growing number of Ohio businesses and residents who are converting to natural gas vehicles.

"Our goal is to develop CNG infrastructure in the Midwest that serves businesses and individuals utilizing CNG," said Scott White, president and CEO of IGS Energy, which will have nine CNG stations once the Obetz location is completed. "Our plan responds to the emerging market demand for fast, convenient refueling of CNG vehicles. We want to develop the opportunity for customers to travel all over the region while ensuring they can easily find a spot to fuel up with compressed natural gas."

CNG is touted as locally abundant, cheaper and more environmentally friendly than traditional petroleum.

"CNG is going to be a part of the fuels of the future and we are happy to partner with IGS to provide a convenient fueling location for consumers who prefer this type of fuel for their vehicles. We are hopeful that the Obetz Duchess is just the start of a great partnership with IGS," said Bill Englefield, president of Englefield Oil.

Family-owned Englefield Oil Co. was founded in 1961. The Heath, Ohio-based company is a fuel supplier and distributes BP fuels at the majority of its 123 Duchess Shoppe convenience stores.

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