Duke and Duchess Shoppes Offer BioPay

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Duke and Duchess Shoppes Offer BioPay

COLUMBUS, Ohio--Customers of Duke and Duchess Shoppes convenience stores can now pay for their purchases with their finger. The 100-store chain, located in Ohio and West Virginia, will implement BioPay LLC’s payment system with an initial launch in 10 locations.

BioPay's payment service, a processing solution that allows customers to make purchases with a secure placement of the finger, offers retailers a low-cost form of payment, while reducing incidents of fraud, the company said.

"We are providing our customers with the most secure payment method available and at the same time speeding up the checkout process for them," said Jason Collins, information technology manager at Englefield Oil, owner of Duke and Duchess Shoppes. "With BioPay payments, consumer convenience is up and retailer costs are down. BioPay costs us 70 percent less than processing credit or debit card transactions, and we can pass that savings along to the consumer."

Duke and Duchess Shoppes will be offering a free cup of coffee or soft drink at enrollment and consumers will receive a buy-one, get-one free coupon after the consumer's first BioPay purchase.

The BioPay system uses a person's unique finger image and their chosen BioPay number (usually a phone number) to authorize a secured debit direct from their checking account. BioPay combines biometrics and ACH debit to deliver the lowest cost form of payment, in which transactions are reduced up to 75 percent.

The one-time enrollment can be completed at any retailer that offers the biometric payment service and the entire process takes less than two minutes. Once enrolled, the customer can purchase in seconds with their finger at any BioPay payment location across the United States. The BioPay service is free to the consumer.