E-Z Mart To Pilot Energy Saving Technology

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E-Z Mart To Pilot Energy Saving Technology

By Tammy Mastroberte

PLANO, Texas, -- E-Z Mart Stores is beginning a pilot program using Global Energy Group's EER+ technology, with the hopes of achieving a 20 to 40 percent savings in energy costs, Steve Launius, director of maintenance for the chain's more than 300 stores told CSNews Online.

"The EER+ technology is a de-superheater and a subcooler that attaches to the existing air conditioning unit," explained Launius. "It expands the capacity of the condenser region by using condensate water from the existing air or indoor exhaust air, increasing the units efficiency, and hopefully, decreasing the energy cost."

The pilot is planned for three stores in three cities -- Fayetteville, Arkansas; Grand Prarie, Texas; and San Antonio, Texas. If the pilot is successful, the company may roll out the technology chainwide, Launius reported.

"The pilot should start any day," he said. "Global Energy has been working with contractors to set up the installation and it should be going in a week or so. We are going to watch it all summer and see what it does to our electric bill compared to last year. A 20 to 40 percent decrease would be pretty significant. It's a minimal investment for what they are saying they can return."

E-Z Mart would expect to realize approximately $2.8 million in revenues if it elects to acquire the EER+ technology for each of its 310 stores, Global Energy reported.

"We are delighted to begin our pilot project with E-Z Mart, one of the premier companies in the convenience store market, said Craig Kitchen, CEO of Global Energy. "Their stores are located in climates where Global Energy's patented EER+ technology and other energy saving services should significantly reduce E-Z Mart's energy bills."