Eby-Brown Renews Data Agreement With MSA

NAPERVILLE, Ill. — Eby-Brown Co. LLC has renewed its agreement with Management Science Associates Inc. (MSA), a solution provider to consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturers and distributors, for another three years.

MSA will continue to manage Eby-Brown data, providing analytics and insights as well as supporting Eby-Brown's trade program execution.

"We are pleased to announce that Eby-Brown has renewed its agreement with MSA," said Suzy Silliman, senior vice president and managing director for MSA's Information Management Solutions Division. "We are honored by Eby-Brown's confidence in our 20-plus years of experience turning traditional demand chain data sets into highly innovative strategies and tactics for our mutual CPG business partners. It is our privilege to support Eby-Brown's data- and analytics-based decision making as well as help to optimize their trade program and retail execution activities."

Eby-Brown uses MSA's Distributor Trade Program Management (DTPM) solution to manage its trade programs. DTPM incorporates Eby-Brown's shipment data to determine program compliance and calculate payments to retailers.

Included in the agreement is use of MSA's Gateway 360 (G360) business intelligence platform, which transforms Eby-Brown's data into fact-based insights to support its retailers' businesses. MSA will also support Eby-Brown's vendor portal, Actionable Information System.

"MSA's system allows us to run our business more efficiently and effectively," said T.J. Powers, senior vice president of merchandising at Eby-Brown. "Via the G360 application, we are able to offer our partners access to the tools and data they need to mitigate voids and out-of-stocks, in turn driving revenue and growth. MSA's DTPM system has reduced the effort required to manage our trade programs, improving program compliance and payment accuracy."

Naperville-based Eby-Brown is the largest family-owned wholesale consumer products distributor in the convenience industry. It operates eight distribution centers throughout the Midwest, Mid-South, Southeast, Northeast and East Coast.

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