Eighty Percent of Adults To Hand Out Halloween Candy

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Eighty Percent of Adults To Hand Out Halloween Candy

Eighty percent of adults plan to hand out candy to trick-or-treaters and many more plan on snagging a few pieces for themselves along the way, according to The National Confectioners Association.

According to the trade association's national survey: Plastic pumpkins with handles remain the trick-or-treating container of choice, followed by plastic bags and pillowcases. Personal favorites will dominate candy purchases with 35 percent of adults planning to hand out their candy favorites, 21 percent planning to buy what is on sale and 16 percent buying their children’s favorites.

Almost half of those planning to hand out candy said they decide how many pieces each trick-or-treater received, followed by 40 percent who said would leave it up to trick-or-treaters to make their own selections. And almost half of all parents have a plan worked out for allotting their kids a few pieces of candy per day after Halloween; 31 percent planned to have their kids share in the decision; and 8 percent planned to let co-workers reap the benefits of their kids’ trick-or-treating after keeping a certain amount for the house.

“As kids make plans for trick-or-treating or Halloween parties, they may be surprised to find out that their parents have their own candy strategies in mind," said Larry Graham, president of NCA . "We know that 90 percent of parents plan to snag a few goodies from their kids, so the debate is up for who really enjoys the day the most."