Ernesto Wants a Rematch

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Ernesto Wants a Rematch

After causing havoc for residents in Florida, the storm formerly known as Hurricane Ernesto retreated to the sea, regrouped and prepared to hit the North and South Carolina coastline Thursday, reported The New York Times.

Tropical Storm Ernesto headed northward with the threat of heavy rain and flash flooding to coastal regions Thursday. A hurricane watch was issued for the area between the South Santee River in South Carolina and Cape Lookout, N.C., meaning that hurricane conditions are possible, the newspaper stated.

After passing through Florida, the storm regenerated overnight. Sustained winds increased to 60 miles an hour as it moved over warm seawater. Thursday morning, its eye was 105 miles south-southeast of Charleston, in the Atlantic Ocean.

The storm packed rains of four to eight inches and it was predicted that some isolated areas could get as much as 12 inches of rain, the National Weather Service reported Thursday, adding that "these amounts could cause life-threatening flash floods."

The region has suffered from an on-and-off drought this summer season. This tropical storm comes right after another storm system that has drenched North Carolina with three to eight inches of rain in a day earlier this week. "We need some rain around here -- just not all at once," North Carolina convenience store worker Jean Evans told The Associated Press.