Ethanol Expands in South Carolina

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Ethanol Expands in South Carolina

SHARON, S.C. -- Brownie's Sales, a convenience store/Marathon-branded gas station located here, opened two E85 pumps at its station, making it the third in York County, S.C. to sell the ethanol-based fuel, reported The Herald.

The store's owner, Herschel Lee Brown, told the paper that the primary reason for installing the pumps was to support the nation's independence from foreign oil and to help the environment. "The environment is important to me," Born told The Herald. "For my children and grandchildren, I want to leave them a place that's clean."

Cleaning up the environment may be harder than Brown anticipated. Resident Ed Kinley was surprised and skeptical about the pump's role at the station. "I don't think there are many cars here that would take it," he told the paper.

Even if customers aren't pumping the fuel, they are curious, said Casha Brimer, a Brownie's employee. Customers often ask "Is it really corn liquor?" she told the newspaper.

Brown remains optimistic, however. "We have to start somewhere," he said. "It all starts with one step. Somebody's got to take it." He added that the pumps cost about the same as regular new pumps, but he has not checked into tax breaks for installing the pumps. The state passed a law earlier this year that includes such incentives for purchasing flex-fuel vehicles, producing the fuel and installing pumps for the fuels, the report stated.