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Exxon Employee Saves Life of One of Her Regulars

TENEHA, Texas — A clerk at an Exxon convenience store and gas station in Tenaha saved the life of a regular customer when he failed to show up for his usual cup of coffee, reported ABC 9. Marache Henderson called the police to request a welfare check on Jan. 22 when the customer, identified as Mr. Van, did not show up for two days in a row.

In his daily routine, Van visits the store every morning to buy a cup of coffee and read the newspaper at a table in the back.

"He comes in the store like clockwork every morning. It's the same routine every day," Henderson told the news outlet. "It worried me all night that something might be wrong with him."

When police checked on Van, who is in his 70s and lives alone, they discovered he had collapsed on the floor because of a stroke two days earlier.

He was taken to Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital for treatment and family members reported he is responsive.

"I'm grateful that I could do that for someone. I would do that for anybody," Henderson said.

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