ExxonMobil Grants $1.8 Million To Education

IRVING, Texas -- ExxonMobil's Educational Alliance Program awarded $1.8 million in grants this year. The program, now in its 11th year, spread the funds across 2,400 schools across the U.S. to help enhance math and science education.

Checks were distributed to the schools this fall, Close-Up Media, reported. Schools partnered with Exxon and Mobil branded service stations in their communities, and together they filled out applications to apply for the Education Alliance Program. Schools then determined how the funds would be used to advance its math and science departments, the media outlet reported.

According to ExxonMobil, the program focuses on educational initiatives that encourage students to take an active interest in math, science and related careers. The program has provided funds to schools in 41 states and the District of Columbia. Since its launch in 2000, The Educational Alliance Program has contributed more than $13.5 million to local schools through its Exxon and Mobil retailers.

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