ExxonMobil Introduces Return and Earn Loyalty Program

FAIRFAX, Va. -- ExxonMobil is introducing the return and earn loyalty program to its U.S. branded wholesalers. The oil company said this new initiative will enhance existing customer loyalty and attract new shoppers, while providing immediate rewards that generate savings at the pump for consumers.

The program will be offered to its branded wholesalers nationwide, and provides customized marketing materials as well as the technology requirements for a rollback at the pump feature and reward tracking. Centego, a subsidiary of Excentus Corp. will offer the required licensing, technology and services to those branded wholesalers that provide the return and earn program to their customers.

Loyalty program members will earn rewards when they make purchases from a participating branded wholesaler's Exxon and Mobil stores and car washes. The rewards are credited to the member's loyalty card account at each checkout. When the member is ready to redeem, he or she simply swipes the loyalty card at the pump and then watches the price of fuel roll back.

Additionally, the rewards earned through multiple purchases from a participating branded wholesaler's Exxon and Mobil stores and car washes can be combined over time, saving the member even more at the pump, according to a news release from ExxonMobil.

"Return and earn is a win for our Exxon and Mobil branded wholesalers, as well as for consumers," stated Chris R. Mahoney, U.S. branded wholesale manager for ExxonMobil Fuels Marketing. "With specialized technology bolstering the return and earn loyalty program, each station can customize how loyalty rewards are earned. After redeeming, consumers enjoy the benefits of the rewards immediately, offering instant gratification."

ExxonMobil is the largest publicly traded international oil and gas company.


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