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Family Express Attains Zero Turnover

VALPARAISO, Ind. -- Two years since instituting a new hiring protocol, Family Express, a 52-store convenience chain in northwest and north central Indiana, reached a new milestone in 2009 by attaining zero turnover in half its locations.

"Reaching this milestone underscores the wisdom of building our business model around what we call the 'living brand,'" stated Kris Condon, director of human resources.

In 2007, Family Express instituted an innovative hiring protocol based on "programmatic hiring." Programmatic hiring is a process that initiates store-specific hiring based on formulated and anticipated attrition, as opposed to starting the hiring process after the fact. As Condon noted: "Programmatic hiring allows us months to look for outstanding candidates as opposed to hiring out of desperation. This process has not just de-stressed our stores, but has brought about tangible productivity efficiencies."

Currently, Family Express screens approximately 50 candidates in search of one qualified employee, the chain said. The online screening process was designed in collaboration with Dr. Susan Stang of Performance-Based Selection Ltd., of West Lake, Ohio.

"Organizing our business model around our 'living brand' has brought about notable productivity to Family Express," Monique Horn, the company's CAO, said in a news release. "Our remarkable work force generates $117 in in-store merchandise sales and $54 in total gross profit per labor hour. Experiencing zero turnover at half our stores is another derivative of building our business around the living brand."

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