First Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Open in Iowa

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First Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Open in Iowa

ELK HORN, Iowa -- Iron Eagle Technologies cut a gas hose to officially open four electric vehicle charging stations here yesterday, a town of 650 roughly 75 miles west of Des Moines, according to a report by The project is the first in the state, and the only charging stations available to the public from Chicago to Denver, the report stated.

"They'll be necessary, and you'll see them expand across the nation," said Trevor Schroeter with Iron Eagle. "California is full of them right now."

The company installed the charging stations at the town's historic Danish Windmill, a local hotel, as well as the company's headquarters and their own service station, which is powered entirely by the sun, the report stated.

Customers pull up to the station, flash a special key and plug in their car, Schroeter said. The cost is $2 to $3, and it will take three to seven hours to "fill up."

"It will be a good place to come by and stop and charge, whether you're staying overnight or just stopping for lunch," Schroeter said in the report.

Iron Eagle Technologies CEO Michael Howard said: "We're really developing this for our own use." Howard is changing his company's gas powered fleet to electric the next two years. They've already converted a pick-up truck to run on electricity, and the company will test and certify electric vehicles from around the world.

Iron Eagle's CEO Michael Howard said the company will put in four more charging stations in next year and even more down the road, mostly to help his own company, who is changing its gas-powered fleet to electric over the next two years.

The charging stations cost $6,000 each, and are networked with others around the country. Users can use Google Maps to locate stations and find out which ones are in use at any given time, the report stated.

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