Flash Foods Partners with Veeder-Root


Flash Foods Inc. reached a deal with Veeder-Root, a supplier of fuel management solutions, to receive the firm's fuel management services at the chain's more than 150 convenience stores in Georgia and Florida.

Veeder-Root will provide Flash Foods with three of their many FMS modules -- Inventory Planning, Compliance Reporting, and Poll NOW, a reporting system for environmental risk and supply chain management. The Poll NOW Service would also help Flash Foods optimize their fuel management operations by allowing them to access Internet reports to obtain the fuel tank inventory levels 24 hours a day.

"Flash Foods chose Veeder-Root's Fuel Management Services because we wanted to capture real-time inventory and compliance data electronically," said Hank Sirmans, director of risk management for Flash Food.

Flash Foods began automating store operations in 1997 and is moving toward automating their entire reporting operation, including integrating fuel management data into its back-office systems. By implementing Veeder-Root?s Fuel Management Services, Flash Foods can increase its productivity and efficiency with an integrated and technologically sophisticated solution that is easy to use and understand, Sirmans said.
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