Flash Foods, Tedeschi Deploy New Accounting System

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Flash Foods, Tedeschi Deploy New Accounting System

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Two convenience chains, Tedeschi Food Shops and Flash Foods, deployed The Pinnacle Corp.’s Symphony.auditor solution, a browser-based, home office retail accounting system, the vendor stated.

"Pinnacle’s Symphony.auditor retail solution is providing our organization with the tools we need to streamline our retail business in today’s competitive environment," Richard Jasper, CFO for Tedeschi, said in a statement. "With this next generation technology, we are able to realize better labor efficiencies by streamlining our retail accounting processes, which enable faster financial decisions."

The solution is built on Pinnacle’s Symphony Business Platform, a browser based technology using a single corporate database that requires no software at the store level. The Symphony.auditor technology audits the manager workstation data through the use of an extensive exception based auditing process, the company stated.

"At Flash Foods, utilizing Pinnacle’s Symphony.auditor solution has allowed us to streamline the process of editing store’s daily paperwork information," Jenny Bullard, CIO of Flash Foods, said in a statement. "Using the exception tools within Symphony.auditor allows accounting to quickly identify issues and resolve them. With this increase of efficiency in the flow of information, we are able to produce more timely and up to date financial reports."

Symphony.auditor allows custom rule sets that validate data related to sales and cash accountability, fuel inventory categories, and cost and retail inventory, according to the company. If data does not pass the rules, it is flagged, enabling auditors to manage by exception, which are then displayed. Using the browser-based technology’s reporting system, Symphony.information manager, firms can view and extract data from more than 150 reports available in the system, the company stated.

"We are very pleased with the successful implementation of Symphony.auditor at Tedeschi Food Shops and Flash Foods," Melissa Fox, Retail Solutions product manager for Pinnacle, said in a statement. "As clients migrate from Pinnacle’s legacy retail auditing application, they are quickly able to realize the power of the Symphony Business Platform enterprise browser-based solution suite to access and analyze important store data from anywhere and to make critical and timely business decisions."